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I’ve been working on a project for an upcoming conference where I traditionally serve as the “Alpha Geek.” My intention is to have some brief video segments to show during breaks between speakers and workshops. The theme is “Famous Police Monologues.” I’m editing clips from cop TV shows and movies where an iconic character delivers some profound philosophical statement on the nature of policing.

In thanks to the people who have suggested sources for these, I’m posting the clips for download. I’ve tried to keep the production values high by taking the clips from DVDs when I’ve been able to find them, and not relying on YouTube-quality material. For this reason, the files are fairly large. Most are around two minutes long, and each begins with a title slide giving the source of the scene.

This is an ongoing effort. Check back from time to time to see new clips I’ve added.

I have not secured copyright permissions for these clips, and I hope that any copyright holders appreciate that I am not trying to steal or resell their work. If anything, seeing these clips ought to make anyone who hasn’t seen the entire work want to obtain it and enjoy the whole program.

You can try and view these online, but the intention is that you right-click the links, choose “Save link location” or something similar, and download them to your computer for viewing.

Written by Tim Dees on April 26th, 2011