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Public Perception of Petty Corruption in Law Enforcement Journal of Police Science and Administration March 1988
The Yard Police Magazine November 1988
Getting the Most from Your Training Budget Law and Order March 1990
Powderless Firearms Training Law and Order August 1990
Bluff and Bluster Police Magazine October 1990
Modernizing Police Management Law and Order September 1991
The Computerphobic Trainer: Learning The Lingo The ASLET Journal December 1991
Annual ASLET Seminar “Star-Studded” Law and Order February 1991
Word Processing for the Computerphobic Trainer The ASLET Journal March 1991
The Computerphobic Trainer: Buying the Gear The ASLET Journal May 1991
The Molding of a Fine, New Officer Law Enforcement Quarterly May 1991
The Computerphobic Trainer: Buying The Printer The ASLET Journal July 1991
The Computerphobic Trainer: Getting Started The ASLET Journal September 1991
Our Lady of the Motorola Law Enforcement Quarterly February 1992
The Patsy Police Magazine January 1992
The Computerphobic Trainer: Desktops vs. Laptops The ASLET Journal January 1992
The Computerphobic Trainer: Desktops vs. Laptops (2) The ASLET Journal May 1992
The Orion File Law and Order May 1992
Buyer’s Guide for Laptop Computers Police Magazine August 1992
The Computerphobic Trainer: Should You Be Doing Windows? The ASLET Journal September 1992
Identifying and Solving Morale Problems Law and Order September 1992
Thunderwear: A New Approach to Concealed Carry Law and Order September 1992
Chief: My Life in the LAPD (Book Review) Police Magazine September 1992
The Computerphobic Trainer: All Work and No Play… The ASLET Journal November 1992
Videotape review: The Rodney King Case Police Magazine November 1992
The Computerphobic Trainer: Where and How to Get Started The ASLET Journal January 1993
Working Deuces Police Magazine January 1993
The Computerphobic Trainer: Getting Online The ASLET Journal March 1993
Double Units Law and Order March 1993
Book Review: Total Survival Police Magazine May 1993
Presumed Guilty: Book Review Police Magazine June 1993
Training? What Training? Police Magazine July 1993
The Computerphobic Trainer: Multimedia The ASLET Journal July 1993
PistolERA: Clothes for the Armed Female Law and Order August 1993
The Computerphobic Trainer: Database Applications The ASLET Journal September 1993
Should You Be Doing Windows? Law Enforcement Technology September 1993
Your Guide to Buying a Computer for Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Technology October 1993
Toy Store for High-Tech Cops: Law Enforcement Technology Law Enforcement Technology October 1993
Fighting Crime With a Handful of ACISS Law Enforcement Technology October 1993
AFIS: The Next Generation Law Enforcement Technology November 1993
The Computerphobic Trainer: CompuServe Access Software The ASLET Journal November 1993
The Computerphobic Trainer: Battle of the Word Processors – and Guess Who Won The ASLET Journal January 1994
Surviving a Lawsuit Law and Order January 1994
Move Over, You’re Stepping On My Frequency Law Enforcement Technology February 1994
Critical Information: In Your Face Law Enforcement Technology February 1994
Automation of Forensic Ballistics Law Enforcement Technology March 1994
Countering Credit Card Fraud Police Magazine March 1994
Spreading It Thin On The Res’ Law and Order March 1994
The Computerphobic Trainer: Too Many Choices The ASLET Journal March 1994
Confused Loyalties Ethics Advisor Journal March 1994
Investigating with PIMs Law Enforcement Technology April 1994
The Police Corps: A Nice Idea, But… Law Enforcement News April 1994
Tom Swift Meets Dick Tracy Law Enforcement Technology April 1994
Laptops vs. Mobile Data Terminals Law Enforcement Technology April 1994
The Last Watch Law Enforcement Quarterly May 1994
Automating the Office – in 31 Flavors Law Enforcement Technology June 1994
Ethics On The Beat Police News July 1994
Dealing With Computer Evidence Law Enforcement Technology August 1994
Sticky Stuff, Big Bags of Air, and Things That Go Thump Law and Order August 1994
The Complete Cop Kit Police Magazine August 1994
Future Uniforms Law and Order August 1994
News Travels Fast Police Magazine August 1994
Qui Custodiet Ipso Custodes? Law Enforcement Technology August 1994
Feds Losing Technology Battle in Wiretap Cases Police Magazine September 1994
Someone Else This Time Police Magazine October 1994
Computers, Kids, and Cyberhip Chickenhawks Law Enforcement Technology October 1994
Finding Your Way: Truly Mobile GPS Law Enforcement Technology October 1994
Protecting The Very Young and Old Law Enforcement Technology October 1994
Staying On Trak With New AFIS Technology Law Enforcement Technology November 1994
The High Tech File Cabinet Law Enforcement Technology November 1994
Keeping Private Things Private: How Much Is Too Good? Police Magazine November 1994
The Last Watch American Police Beat Jan/Feb 1995
Invasion of Cyber-Privacy Police Magazine March 1995
Confused Loyalties Police Magazine March 1995
Asleep at the Gun? Law Enforcement Technology March 1995
Defense Realities Women and Guns April 1995
A New Approach to Parenting Training Law Enforcement Technology April 1995
Emergency Language Skills – Pronto Law Enforcement Technology April 1995
Multiple Sales Police Writer’s Club Newsletter June 1995
The 1995 LET Challenge (4 parts) Law Enforcement Technology June, July, August, October, 1995
A New Kind of Traffic Jam Law Enforcement Technology June 1995
Beyond Beepers Law Enforcement Technology July 1995
Polygraph Technology Law Enforcement Technology July 1995
Jails with a Different Type of Bars Law Enforcement Technology August 1995
“No More Strings” Simplifies Blood Spatter Analysis Law Enforcement Technology August 1995
…And Everything in Its Place Law Enforcement Technology August 1995
Indian Police Law Enforcement Technology October 1995
Spanish for Police, Self-Taught Law Enforcement Technology October 1996
The Low Side of High-Tech Law Enforcement Technology October 1995
Safe Harbor Law Enforcement Technology October 1995
Online Resources for Law Enforcement (book) Professional Training Resources July 1996
Ethics and The Sipowicz Problem Law Enforcement Technology August 1996
Internet Resources for Law Enforcement FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin October 1996
Tracking Dogs with KATS Law Enforcement Technology October 1996
Olympic Proving Ground Law Enforcement Technology October 1996
Online Services for Law Enforcement FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin October 1996
Policing with the PalmPilot Law and Order August 1997
Computer-Ese (monthly column), later changed to Download Law and Order April 1997 to present
Digital Cameras: Reliable and Economical Police and Security News September 1997
Going to College at Home Law and Order August 1997
Live Scan System in Boston Law Enforcement Technology January 1997
Orlando: Something for Everyone Law and Order October 1997
Speech Recognition Software Law and Order October 1997
ASLET Goes South – 11th International Training Seminar Law and Order December 1997
Affordable GPS and Mapping Software Law and Order December 1997
New Equipment Shown at 1997 IACP Conference Law and Order January 1998
The Biggest Little Bike Team in the World Law and Order April 1998
Computerizing the Duty Roster – Scheduling Software Law and Order May 1998
Public Safety Assesses Speech Recognition Radio Resource Magazine November-December 1998
Software for FTO Program Management Law and Order October 1998
Locating Cellular Users: Mandates and Solutions Law and Order January 1999
High-Tech Showcase at IACP 1999 Law and Order January 1999
Technology Makes Mobile Computing Affordable Law and Order February 1999
Y2K: You Got a Problem with That? Law and Order March 1999
Investigative Software Law and Order June 1999
Technologies and Tools for Public Safety Law and Order June 1999
Bike Patrols – Not Just for City Cops Law and Order July 1999
Staying Cool – A Patrol Officer’s Dream Law and Order August 1999
Technology Reduces Risks During Detection Law and Order August 1999
Your E-Mail Can Hurt You – and how to keep it from doing so Law and Order September 1999
Issues in Digital Imaging Law and Order October 1999
Interview with Frank Hackett, ASLET’s Executive Director Law and Order December 1999
Wireless Technology Aids Police Law and Order January 2000
Information and Communications Technology for Public Safety IQ Service Report – International City/County Management Association January 2000
New Equipment at IACP ’99 Law and Order January 2000
Caught in the Web (monthly column) Law and Order January 2000-November 2001
Can We Get Federal Funding for That? Police and Security News May/June 2000
Forensic Science Technology Expo at FRENZY Law and Order June 2000
Who’s Looking Over Your Shoulder? Law and Order July 2000
Who Is Your Customer? (editorial) The Law Enforcement Trainer July/August 2000
Handhelds on the Street Law and Order October 2000
Online Auction Fraud Law and Order December 2000
Not Having to Go to Jail Today: Priceless Law and Order February 2001
IACP 2000 Product Report Law and Order February 2001
Making PowerPoint Work for You ASLET Trainer March/April 2001
Digital Camera Specs Law and Order May 2001
Wireless Communications and Digital Pencils Law and Order July 2001
Online Resource Guide for Law Enforcement (book) Prentice-Hall August 2001
Radio Roadblocks Law and Order August 2001
Ruggedized Laptops Law and Order August 2001
Computer Toolkit (monthly column) Law and Order August 2001-present
Wireless Information: Prince George’s County Goes Mobile Law and Order October 2001
Acquiring Technology Law and Order October 2001
The First Loyalty Law and Order October 2001
Communications Standards Law and Order October 2001
Frenzy 2001 Law and Order November 2001
New Developments in Forensic Video Law and Order November 2001
HAMMER Training Law and Order December 2001
Scheduling Software Law and Order February 2002
IACP 2001 Law and Order February 2002
You Don’t Know Jack Webb Law and Order June 2002
Understanding GIS Law and Order August 2002
GIS Applications for Law Enforcement Law and Order August 2002
PDA Primer Law and Order September 2002
Public Safety Applications for PDAs Law and Order September 2002
Crossroads for Traffic Enforcement Law and Order September 2002
PDAs in Public Safety Communications Public Safety Communications October 2002
What Makes Them Rugged? Law and Order November 2002
The Perils of Digital Video Law and Order December 2002
What’s the Cost? Police Fleet Manager Winter 2002
New Technology at IACP 2002 Law and Order February 2003
Securing Your Handheld Law and Order March 2003
Fifty Years of Police Technology Law and Order 50th Anniversary Issue
Computers in Law Enforcement Law and Order 50th Anniversary Issue
Internal Affairs Management Software Law and Order May 2003
Critical Incident Command 2002 Tactical Response Spring 2003
Cell Phones: They Aren’t Just Phones Anymore Law and Order August 2003
Visteon TACNET Makes Room in the Cockpit Police Fleet Manager Summer 2003
Future Uniforms Law and Order September 2003
Technology at the 2003 IACP Law and Order February 2004
Wi-Fi Primer Law and Order June 2004
A New Driving Simulator Law and Order July 2004
The Patrol Video Project Law and Order July 2004
Convergence Devices Law and Order August 2004
Mobile Data Networks for Small Agencies Law and Order August 2004
PacketCluster Goes Tactical Tactical Response Summer 2004
Diagramming Software Law and Order October 2004
Data Mining Law and Order December 2004
Things to Know About Digital Video Police Fleet Manager January-February 2005
New Technology at IACP 2004 Law and Order February 2005
Are Firefighters Overrated? October 2005
The End of the Ten-Code? October 2005
Police Training or Hazing November 2005
It’s Okay to Tell Lies About Cops November 2005
Local Control = Gun Control? November 2005
Taking Care of the Guardians November 2005
Not Answering the Call November 2005
Juicers in Blue December 2005
Filling the Ranks December 2005
Project Blue Light Remembers Fallen Officers December 2005
SFPD- Lighten Up! December 2005
Avoiding the “Professional Courtesy” Problem December 2005
Maybe You Can Go Home Again December 2005
Not Necessarily a Bad Thing January 2006
Cops and Crazies January 2006
18,013 January 2006
Sacrificing the Centurion February 2006
What Does It Take To Be a Hero? February 2006
Preparing for the Inevitable February 2006
How Much Is Enough? February 2006
The Stupid Business March 2006
Innovation and Hypocrisy March 2006
Teaching Pigs to Sing March 2006
Keeping Everyone In The Loop March 2006
Do You Have Any Idea Who I Am? March 2006
You Can t Come In My House April 2006
What Good Are College Cops? April 2006
Dash Cam Conundrum April 2006
No Discretion Allowed May 2006
Want to Save a Million Dollars? May 2006
Illegal Immigration- Only Part of the Problem May 2006
The Deceptive Trainer May 2006
The Most Important Job in Policing June 2006
Teflon Cops June 2006
Working a Beat in the Magic Forest June 2006
A Crook’s Life is So Difficult June 2006
Coping with that Primal Urge July 2006
Things a Veteran Knows July 2006
The Rat Squad July 2006
Some Insight on Firefighting July 2006
Can We Prevent Attacks and Disasters? July 2006
Liquid Body Armor August 2006
Kinder, Gentler Police Uniforms August 2007
Al-Qaeda vs. The Mouse August 2007
Trigger-Happy in Sin City? August 2007
Free Stuff-No Kidding August 2007
We Can’t Afford Training August 2007
Believing What You Read August 2007
The World’s Most Effective Crime Suppression Device September 2006
Dressing Lady Cops September 2006
Lessons Learned – Are There Any? September 2006
Right Person, Wrong Agency September 2006
Cop Chickfest.  Not. September 2006
A Nation Without Guns September 2006
Searching Slowly September 2006
Another Look at IA October 2006
The Hot Seat October 2006
IACP Fallout October 2006
Invisible But Deadly November 2006
Tradition vs. Ten Cosdes November 2006
Cop Watch November 2006
Police Brutality! November 2006
Armed and Moronic December 2006
No Bleeding Hearts Here December 2006
You Gotta Have Hope December 2006
Same Song, Second Verse December 2006
Investigations Involving the Internet and Computer Networks (contributor) National Institute of Justice January 2007
Damned If You Do… January 2007
Ends and Means January 2007
Hope for Western Civilization January 2007
The Modern Benefit of Clergy February 2007
Choosing to be Uncomfortable February 2007
…and they never were February 2007
Solve One Problem, Create Another March 2007
Our Crazy Aunt in the Basement March 2007
Al Sharpton: Get a Job March 2007
Aren’t We the Good Guys? March 2007
On Federal Judges and Really Bad People April 2007
This is Just Wrong April 2007
Stoning the Guardians April 2007
Blood In The Water April 2007
Arisen From The Ashes April 2007
The Nanny Society April 2007
Respect Mah Authoritah! May 2007
Guilty – Even If Proven Innocent May 2007
Police Week 2007 May 2007
Somebody Always Screws the Pooch May 2007
Don’t Sweat the Petty Things May 2007
Who Wants Training? May 2007
Do I Look Like a Terrorist? June 2007
Free Paris! June 2007
If You Ain’t Sworn… June 2007
Schadenfreude July 2007
Enforcement Expo 2007 July 2007
What’s Not Community Policing July 2007
Another Step Closer August 2007
Metal Thieves, Counterfeits, and Las Vegas August 2007
Drunken Cops August 2007
Podcasts and Professionalism September 2007
One Nation, Under Surveillance September 2007
Circling the Wagons September 2007
What Would You Like Us to Do? September 2007
Nurturing Misconduct October 2007
It’s All in the Details October 2007
Burying the Lead October 2007
How Much Do I Miss The Job? October 2007
Rotten Oranges November 2009
On OMAs, WFJs, and Melanin-Deprivation November 2007
Happy Trails to You December 2007
Presentation: PowerPoint for Public Safety Public Agency Training Council, Arlington, TX January 2008
Video Media Law and Order January 2008
Flash Drives: A Far Cry from the old Floppy Disk Law Officer February 2008
One Step Closer to RoboCop Law Officer March 2008
Scheduling Software – Choose a Package that suits your agency’s needs Law Officer April 2008
Welcome to April 2008
Property Room Control Law Officer May 2008
Sociopathic Entertainment May 2008
Who Are Our Heroes? May 2008
Field Narcotics Testing Law Officer June 2008
Dick Heller and the Supremes June 2008
Digital Cameras: Six Questions to Ask Before You Buy Law Officer July 2008
Police and Privacy – No Happy Medium July 2008
The Free Cup of Coffee, Revisited July 2008
Building the Cop-Proof Computer Law Officer August 2008
Lower the Drinking Age to 18? August 2008
Tech Review: General Dynamics-Intronix GoBook VR-2 notebook August 2008
Fired for Cheating? August 2008
Just Being a Teenager Isn’t the Problem September 2008
Biometrics – The ID You Can’t Lose Law Officer September 2008
Life on the Installment Plan September 2008
Tips for Archiving Digital Evidence Law Officer October 2008
Those Who Cannot Learn from History October 2008
DNA Labs-On-A-Chip – Not quite there yet, but getting close Law Officer November 2008
Crime Mapping and Geographic Profiling Law Officer December 2008
How Cool Is Your School? February 2009
Life Tries to Imitate Art, and Fails February 2009
This could change everything February 2009
Made for the Road Law Officer March 2009
How Many People Do We Have to Keep in Prison? March 2009
The Lesson Isn’t Worth the Cost March 2009
Why is traffic enforcement so contentious? April 2009
Presentation: Writing for the New Media Public Safety Writers Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV June 2009
Durabook – All Business, No Frills July 2009
Getting Attached—MOLLE Gear POLICE September 2009
ALPR Technology: Just Keeps Getting Better Law and Order September 2009
Social Networks for Better Policing: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Google Voice Law and Order November 2009
What to Look for When Buying Ruggedized Computers POLICE November 2009
Unblinking Eyes–Wireless Surveillance POLICE December 2009
Corrections Communications POLICE January 2010
How to Buy Mobile Data Products POLICE February 2010
New Developments in Night Vision and Thermal Imaging POLICE March 2010
Use of Force Simulators POLICE April 2010
Smartphone Platforms and Police Work May 2010
Smartphones as Data Terminals May 2010
Smartphone Platforms and Police Work May 2010
Acing the Tests Police Magazine May 2010
Things That Go Boom in the Night POLICE June 2010
IACP Performance Standards for Mobile Video Law and Order June 2010
The New Echo pen from Livescribe is a note-taking marvel August 2010
Police light bars with a message August 2010
Managing a rat’s nest of tech toys September 2010
In-car computers: Upgrade or replace? Police Magazine September 2010
Tracking your agency’s gear September 2010
The LAPD’s not-so-smooth transition to Google Apps September 2010
Goodbye to a pioneer: Richard “Dick” Armellino, 1920–2010 October 2010
Investigating with Google Maps October 2010
New technology to help with roadside drug testing October 2010
Biometrics gaining ground in law enforcement October 2010
What does your social intelligence report say about you? November 2010
Are custom earpieces worth the money? November 2010
Do-it-yourself custom earpieces November 2010
Curse you, cruel screen saver! November 2010
Software: It’s nothing without the code Police Magazine November 2010
An alternative to vehicle pursuits December 2010
Smartphone apps for cops Police Magazine December 2010
Holiday tech tools for LEOs December 2010
And end to duty belt pain? December 2010
Rioters using Google Maps for real-time information December 2010
Surveillance technology: an end to stakeouts? Police Magazine December 2010
Is there an app for that? Police Magazine January 2011
Make your tech gear last longer January 2011
Where are our information systems for highly complex, longitudinal investigations? January 2011
Build your own crime stats online January 2011
Addressing the human limits of monitoring multiple video feeds February 2011
Next-gen in-car video systems are here today February 2011
New developments in ALPR Police Magazine February 2011
Mobile fingerprint scanners making IDs easier March 2011
Shedding light on bloodstains? March 2011
Is liquid body armor becoming a reality? March 2011
A difficult assessment made easy with the CDI Factor iPhone app March 2011
Seeing in the dark Police Magazine March 2011
Time to recharge your shirt April 2011
Dangers presented by GPS jammers April 2011
Techno wars, turf battles, and communications interoperability April 2011
The FBI’s NDE-x helps connect the dots April 2011
GPS may be an endangered species April 2011
Budget Simulators Police Magazine April 2011

Written by Tim Dees on July 11th, 2010