I am very intelligent and will like to become a detective but I fear being harmed by someone. What should I do?   no comments

Answer by Tim Dees:

If you want to be a detective, you have to first be a police officer, and spend a substantial amount of time working in uniformed patrol. This is where you learn the basic job. There are risks that go with this job, and if you do it long enough, it is a near-certainty that you will be injured at some point. Most injured cops return to unrestricted duty, but there are some who do not, and some who die from their injuries. In addition, you will deal regularly with people who are aggressive and pugnacious, and who will take advantage of you if you display fear or weakness. These are all things you have to get past before you can be a successful police officer, and ultimately a detective.

As Christopher Hawk suggested, martial arts training can aid you in gaining self-confidence, and these are mostly excellent physical conditioning programs, combing strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Incidentally, if what you know about being a detective comes from movies and TV shows, you need to do some more research. Most of these portrayals are anything but realistic.

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Written by Tim Dees on June 26th, 2014