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Livescribe/MyScript Text Conversion Demonstration   no comments

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This post is to supplement a product review article I wrote for on the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. To illustrate how the technology works, I uploaded to the Livescribe server a single page of notes I took during Kevin Davis’ presentation at the 2010 ILEETA conference in Wheeling, IL last April. Viewing the page in a web browser will allow you to see my notes and the conversion of them into text done by the MyScript add-on software, but you won’t be able to hear the audio. In order to do that, you will have to download and install the free Livescribe Desktop application, then import the file from the Livescribe server.

Because of size limits on the comments on the Livescribe server, I had to split the MyScript conversion between two comments. Below is the complete converted text. There are a few glitches with the translation of my bad handwriting, but the software works pretty well, overall. It works very well if you don’t write like a tweaker with Parkinson’s Disease, as I do.

ILEEJA-Kevin Davis-the Violent 2
We have deviated from law enforcement toward
community service.
Institutional memory is short. the same mistakes
are made over and over.
Baby Face Nelson-committing violent crimes since
his early teens. confront violent felons today
in the same way we did in Nelson’s time, and
we will achieve the same result.
understanding The enemy
-They don’t play by our rates.
a-Many are street smart and street skilled
Teenager had the forethought to set up a
crime scene to give a deceptive indication.
-Today’s crooks soil shoot at you.
-they don’t want to be captured, and
will violently resist capture.
Violent criminals will practice assaults aadplan
their attacks.
Failing to understand the nature of violent criminals
will get you killed. Hyper violent requires new
Video of vehicle pursuit when suspect vehicle
turns broadside and sprays balles It at police.
Little Bohemia Raid-available on FBI web rate.
Portrays confrontation of John Dillinger. Assault at
late cabin included Melvin Parvis. Describes
motive foo pfennig raids.
Miami shootout 1986

Written by Tim Dees on July 25th, 2010